That feeling…

Today is a day off between 2 12 hr precepting days. I still had to wake up early, like 7:30 to call into a staff meeting at my job job! I feel confused at times by the many hospitals and floors I have to be at, the many passwords I have to remember, the many to-do lists and errands I have to run. The many things we have to do in our lives. At least we are all affected by this- such a good equalizer. But am confused at times nevertheless.

But waking up early has its advantages. I finished off an assignment 2 days before its due and turned it in already! I had to email a few people, make a dentist’s appointment, pay some bills.-Done! Walking the Dog-Done! Dog actually pooped and did not stall like he is notorious for-Done! Wuhoo. If only I can make myself to go get my oil changed, that will be great. It is so close by, but there is just something about it that is making me uninterested. Well, it is a pretty uninteresting thing to do. I guess I could take a book to read. I guess. We will see.

I am excited its September. Time surely is flying by. And I am excited about it. So many new things are coming closer. My (almost) 4 year school journey, my graduation from nursing school, the many possibilities being a nurse will bring with it, more pregnancy changes, some kicking and moving around,a bigger bump and finally we will get to meet our child. Eeek!

We find out the gender in less than a week. I think that will make me want to shop around more cause I have done nothing so far.

School-wise I am in LOVE with our current instructor. She does such a fabulous job of teaching these important cardiac topics and if you did not already know, I love cardiac stuff. I really want to be a cardiac nurse, at least to begin with. When I come out of a class feeling a little bit like I just fell in love, everything feels good in my life. We just covered basic Perfusion and Heart Failure. Next up is Cardiogenic shock, which honestly I have no idea about.

I also recently found a few product favorites and for such a good deal. I am loving this Lasting Line eyeliner in ‘sure sable’ by Bare minerals. It came in a little goody bag that I happened to snag before it got all sold out. I had been looking for a brown eye liner and this could not have been more perfect. Glides on like a dream, both on the upper and lower lash-line. Plus, I think brown is a much more wearable for everyday than black.

The goody bag it came in!
The goody bag it came in!

And, and, I also happened to find this dress from Old Navy that did not at first look appealing to me but after I saw how it looked on several fashion bloggers I follow, I had been on the hunt for it ever since. Of course, everybody wanted it after seeing them wear it. I finally found it last weekend and that too for half-off ! It had to be my lucky day.


I am looking forward to Fall. Not particularly to the whole hyped up pumpkin spice lattes but their arrival can only mean one thing- Fall is right around the corner. So, is your quintessential white girl in yoga pants, in boots and in all probability, carrying around a pumpkin spice candle from Bath and Body works everywhere she goes. Cause, common!


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