18 week bump-date and more!


How far along: 18 weeks and 5 days to be exact!

How big is baby: bell-pepper

Weight gain: Not sure what is going on here, different scales show me different numbers and I am just getting confused. The number I got most recently was 126 lbs at the doctor’s office yesterday and since no one made a big deal about it, I am happy with it!

Sleeping: Well, except for last night, I sleep pretty well for the most. Sleep has never been a smooth sailing thing in my life, especially night sleep. So, I do not think I am doing any different, yet. We did buy the snoogle and even though it creates a big physical divide between me and the husband in bed, its very comfortable.

Food Cravings: No, still the same as last week, and the week before! Not craving anything particularly but eating well in general.

Food aversions: None that I can think of right now. The same stuff I was averse to when I was not pregnant still applies now.

Symptoms: Nothing stands out, which is good because this is definitely the nicer part of pregnancy. TMI but nipples are still very sore and even though wearing a tight bra is the best solution, I like taking bra-breaks. It physically stifles me.

Doctor’s appointment: We had our big anatomy scan and gender appointment yesterday 9/8/15 and <drum-roll>, we are having a boy!!! And most importantly, he is doing great, right on schedule and moving around a lot. Good heartbeat and long legs. He was very co-operative with us the whole time as per the tech. The doctor was very pleased as well and gave us a stellar report. Good job, mom dad and son!

Movement: Lots! I can feel him right now. So, right now he is laying head down, feet are near my belly-button. It is just the most coolest feeling ever, hard for me to put in words.

Best moment of the week: Undoubtedly, yesterday when we found out what we were having !

What I did/got for baby: Nothing yet but now I know what to look for and that is awesome.

We both are very excited and happy and I feel blessed that so many friends/family are excited for us. Say what you will, pregnancy is like this great unifying force especially among women-kind. Its like news gets around and all the moms and pregnant people emerge out of their hiding and make it their job to initiate the new member into this very hallowed group. Do not get me wrong. I do not think being pregnant or becoming a mother is the most defining thing for a woman to do. Hell, I hate this idea and I still do not subscribe to it being THE thing. But I am just speaking from observation. It is what it is. Am I enjoying the new sudden company of women I previously could not bond with? Yes! It is a different phase and I am taking it for what its worth. I have not changed as a person just cause. In fact, I was very nervous about this whole pregnancy thing because I did not think I was very maternal. I still do not know if anything has changed drastically. But I have a big wide smile on my face when I see our baby’s u/s pictures and re-watch the videos that we took at the doctor’s office showing his little movements. May be that is my big maternal moment 🙂

In other news, I got so excited yesterday that I got very little sleep last night and had to end up missing a day of precepting. I am not a fan of missing work or school stuff, but I felt physically immobile when the alarm went off at 5:30 this morning. I loathe waking up that early but I very rarely feel physically incapable. So, am at home today and am going to keep myself up, study and just scour the internet for cute baby boy stuff!


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