A loud monologue

Why do I always, always have a little spot of bother? I am trying so hard to change, to not be my annoying, ever-analyzing self, but it is just so darn hard to change one’s innate nature. But I do not want to give up so easily. Yes, it is an uphill task-fighting your very nature, but I want to try and try.

Like for instance, things are going just fine in my life, in our lives. We are expecting, pregnancy has been going good so far, we have been able to more than make ends meet throughout my time in nursing school and the end is closer than ever, we have such good friends who have given us so many baby stuff already, we have two very very cute healthy pets, our parents are doing good-so, then why do I still have that little spot of bother?

I know the things that are bothering me but if I keep looking 5-6 months ahead then I will always be worried because I cannot control everything. I cannot predict the future. I really need to let some worrying go. The world will not collapse if I did not care for a bit.

*Loud monologue to self over*

Things have been the same for the most except there was a beautiful chill in the air yesterday and then Sunday morning when I woke up early to go to work. It was beautiful. Get ready to hear something you will hear from every second person you run into : “I love Fall!!”

I am studying for our first big test on Monday. Lots of things to study and I have noticed an even bigger dip in my ability to hold still and study past 30 minutes.

We scored big time at the kids consignment sale yesterday. Like, big time. We loaded up on 0-3mo baby clothes and they are SO tiny! God! I cannot believe that a human-being is going to fit into them. But our biggest score was the fancy mamaroo brand swing for $70! That thing costs like $240 !! We also got a bouncer and some knick-knacks.

I am trying out this cleanser now, will update soon on how I liked it.

It is just $7 and a good-sized tube, plus it is cruelty-free.
It is just $7 and a good-sized tube, plus it is cruelty-free.

And I am also in love with these Too Faced Le Cremes. They are so moisturizing and creamy, not very long-lasting but I do not mind that one bit.

Shade 'sweet maple'
Shade ‘sweet maple’

That’s all I got for now.


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