Happy Autumn Equinox

The breeze outside is just unbelievably good and the crud in my head and throat unbelievably, well, cruddy. I feel SO stuffy and crappy. I guess the same way everyone who has allergies and the common cold feels- not quite sick but not quite yourself so you still have to go about your everyday life.

I had an exam this Monday. Then, I precepted for 12 hrs on Tuesday and 8 hrs today. I wanted to push through and finish my 12 but I just could not get myself to. This means I have am just one 12 hr shift away from finishing my very awesome preceptorship. It has been an incredible experience. I got paired with an amazing preceptor, on a very good floor and really felt like I was able to tie everything from the past 2 years together. Anyhoo, I want to write more about this because I want to write like a what I learned from precepting post for a newbie nurse-ling. I have lots of ideas you see!

But I feel oh so crappy! So crappy. Just coughing and sniffling. I made myself a hot cup of ginger tea and cooked some rajma for dinner later tonight. I wish John ate more Indian food so he could praise the good cook I have become over the past some years. It is a big deal to me because I felt like nobody thought that lanky restless little girl with no ‘domestic’ inclination could ever cook! So, it is a big deal.

Happy first day of Fall everyone! Start to one of the best times of the year. Burning a pumpkin flavored candle and put this pretty print out on the mantle. Our home smells like a strange mix of pumpkin, caramel and hot curry.

Print purchased from Jane.com
Print purchased from Jane.com

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