27 week bump-date

IMG_20151108_123416How far along : 27 weeks and 2 days

How big is baby: Head of a cauliflower

Weight-gain: I am 133-134 lbs.

Sleeping: just a general sense of discomfort. I feel tired all the time and sleep well when I do not have a lot on my mind.

Food Cravings: Nothing still but eating well. I generally do crave a lot of Indian food though. I did polish off an entire packet of grapes in 3 days.

Food Aversions: Nothing. Again.

Symptoms: SPD, back pain- and oh the belt does help a bit with the back pain for sure, general sense of discomfort and fatigue but nothing that is too different or unexpected.

Doctor’s Appointment: Next is on the 19th of Nov. The dreaded glucola test for gestational diabetes screening and the rhogham shot.

Movement: Lots, which is very reassuring.

Best moment of the week: I had the best week honestly! I did great on my test, I got the much awaited mail with a job offer from the floor I had been wanting to work at and the manager was even extremely kind to let me start at a much later date, allowing me some time with our baby, and, and I had a generally good weekend just being lazy with the husband.

What I did/got for baby: We got the crib from my co-worker’s home, we have not assembled it yet and might not for a while but dammit, we have a fucking crib now!


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