Happy day before Thanksgiving.

Oh so much to share and be happy and thankful about. Let me make a list, it is more easily readable and manageable.

  • I am done with clinicals. For one and a half years, I mostly detested waking up early, doing butt loads of paper-work preparing for and and after the clinicals, and just in general the waking up early bit really. I learned a lot from them. But next time I wake up that early and go to a hospital, I also would like to get paid for it. I digressed. The point is, student nurse clinicals are over!
  • I had a fantastic clinical group and instructor the last semester. Could not have asked for a better group of people to finish school.
  • I just got word that our group project scored a perfect 100. That is seriously some awesome shit right there. We have a presentation on the 1st, but that is not as bad as the work we put into our project.
  • Only 15 days until pinning, bitches!
  • We are leaving for my in-laws today evening for Thanksgiving and even if its just for a day, I am looking forward to it. Wish I could sip on some wine too. But sparkling non-alcoholic cider will have to do for now.
  • I really do love this time of the year. As much as my heart is happy, I also wish animals everywhere are treated right and with compassion. I read about this 67 yr old depressed elephant who has been basically living in a small concrete cell her whole life! Makes me SO upset, SO sad. I wish, we would not do such things. Just a feeble prayer to release her and let her enjoy her golden years in peace.
  • I signed that petition to remove her from her cell, you should do!
  • I painted my nails after a long, LONG time yesterday and it was a good thing. Just a general good feeling that I do not need to worry about not having nail polish on for clinicals. Refer to bullet point 1 why. IMG_20151124_210512.jpg
  • My baby boy is so active and kickey, I love feeling him move. It is the coolest feeling ever. I am dying to meet him.
  • In between packing and cleaning, I decided to make myself a cup of tea and sit and savor this moment.
  • I actually have nothing to do. Feels and sounds strange.
  • Did a bit of baby cloth hauling. Well, my husband did and we love the suave sweaters. Our son will be the best dressed little human around.IMG_20151121_121911

And that is all, ya’ll! Happy thanksgiving. Thank the bird too please. Have some wine for me and make merry.


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