pee, drink water- and repeat!


I am getting a bit big and uncomfortable, if you had already not caught my drift. Yesterday and day before my left pubic bone hurt a lot. It was horrible to have to change positions. But I also cannot lay in one position for long. My ribs have started hurting and I cannot lay on my back for too long. And once I do feel a little comfortable, of course I have to pee. And I also drink tons of water. So, it is a cycle.

I am complaining but I still do love being pregnant. It is a very special phase and my body is doing wonderful things that are nothing short of a miracle. And, and , I absolutely love feeling my baby move. It is just something one has to experience in order to understand what am talking about. And boy, is he one active fetus!

I had my 30th week checkup this morning. Poor guy was having the hiccups. But nothing much. I now have check-ups every 2 weeks until the my 36th week, when I switch to weekly visits.

Then, I went for a study session with a group of people I felt comfortable with. I forced myself to go out of the house. The last few days have been horrible for my mental state of mind. This time of the year is just so very tough on me. Its like I am staring into the face of my enemy, who has this very comforting and inviting appeal. So easy to sink into this funk, feel sad, left out and melancholic.  So, forcing myself to stay away from the familiarity of the home was a great idea. I studied for a good 4 hrs and my mental state is considerably better.

Down to the last final of nursing school guys! LAST.EXAM. Feels weird saying that. Yes, I plan on being back in school again for further degrees and stuff, but this is the last big exam while I am a full-time student, who is yet to start her career.

I am too overwhelmed to write more. Leaving you with pictures of pretty things.





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