Oh..what a week it has been

It is 76 degrees and so, so pleasant in December. December!! Our state sure is weird when it comes to weather. I cannot process that fact that in about 2 weeks we will be celebrating Christmas.


So, this past week has been quite a whirlwind of a week for me. Finished the last week of school starting with 3 days of intense  and long review sessions for the boards, followed by the big pinning ceremony on Thursday, one day off on Friday when I finally met up with my baby shower hostess and helped decorate, and finally our baby shower on Saturday. Whoosh! I was pooped. Both of us were tired and overwhelmed.

But boy, what an amazing week it was. Our pinning ceremony was beautiful. We were all so, so happy and radiant. I had never thought I would cry when we read the Florence Nightingale pledge. I had to try hard to hold back my tears because I did not want my make-up to be ruined. Yes, shallow, I know but I did not want to look like a mess for pictures. Some did cry. I had to resist the urge to cry again when the speaker asked the spouses and significant halves of the students to stand up as well to receive a standing ovation because we could not have done it without them. Boy! I am all teary eyed even now. I cannot thank my husband enough for his contribution.

My in laws came down for the ceremony and stayed with us two nights as well. I really appreciated that gesture and quite frankly, I did not seem to mind the things that sometimes rub me the wrong way. May be I was just too busy to notice.

Our baby shower was such a beautiful one too! It was EVERYTHING I wanted it to be. Everyone I wanted was there and we felt so loved and blessed.

Now, we just need to organize our home, nest, clear the boards and wait for the newest family member to make his grand entrance in our lives.








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