Happy Christmas Eve Eve

So, this must be how Florida must feel like during Christmas, if you added a really rainy day to the already warm winter weather!! It is 65, rainy, pleasant and nothing, NOTHING, like the ‘White Christmas’ that guy was dreaming of. In fact, I just got an alert on my phone about a flash flood warning. Nice! I don’t know if I am complaining really, I mean, I do not want a snow storm blasting us on the one hand, but I would not mind a little cold and chill. Well played, climate change. I guess. I have noticed in my state the general weather trend is winter weather really starts in Jan, is the worst in Feb and then starts tapering down by Mid-March.

Again, not complaining, not rejoicing. Just observing.

So, today has been a okay-ish day. I felt I had a very unproductive day yesterday. The only good that came out of it is that we toured our third and final pediatrician’s office and finally settled on who our pediatrician will be. I am very happy with the choice. I absolutely loved the doctor, the office and their policies.

Now, we have to pick a daycare for when we finally need the services. I have some places to tour still. I picked up a 8 hr secretarial shift tomorrow. I hope it is easy and light. I cannot whine again about how exhausting just survival feels at this point. The growing fetus plus the fact that my Iron is on the lower side are reasons. I have been put on iron supplements and I have started making smoothies out of spinach and fruits to boost my iron levels. Not a huge red meat eater or meat eater in general but making myself eat some so I do not tip over.

Anyway, I feel sometimes I am losing the essence of my blog. I used to blog about more random, incoherent but coherent stuff and now I am just not able to. It has become more like my daily life diary. I need to blog when I am the most in touch with my soul.

Love this dress that I picked up from Old Navy back in October, it is not even maternity!

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