life these days..

These days my routine seems strange and slow. Dream-like almost. I have some trouble sleeping, then when I can I wake up many times to go to the bathroom and almost feel like I am carrying a heavy cannon ball in my stomach, sleep past 9, wake up walk the dog have coffee study and then reflect on the sudden surge of time in my life. I am working very less. This week I am working 2 8 hr shifts as a tech, which I am honestly dreading. I am so easily exhausted and the left side of my ribs hurt most of the time. I am really not sure how to do all the physical pulling and pushing at work.  I just have to power through, just pray and power through. The month of January is pretty open work wise. I might work one or two 4 hr shifts but that is it. January is for getting our house ready ready. No more dilly-dallying. I have to pack my hospital bag too. Sometimes I am just overwhelmed. I thought I would be a much different pregnant person. Just exercising like crazy every day, stuffing my face with kale and spinach, cleaning and organizing, working on projects and not procrastinating. But I have been very different. I did not do many stretches, did not walk much, have had very less energy and motivation to do things actually. I kind of feel annoyed at myself.

I keep pushing things. Oh once school is over, I will just do all pregnant things. But no! Now am busy studying for the boards, which btw is not joke. It is so much information to study and remember. I paid close to $300 for this and I need to pass on the first attempt. Once this is done, I will definitely not be studying. But let’s see if I will work on other stuff like I keep promising (self).

Anyway, back to studying. Atleast I am at home, lounging as best as I can and enjoying a hot cup of chai.


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