Good bye, David Bowie..

I am a nurse ya’ll! Now it is official. I have turned a corner 🙂

No more studying. I can relax, put my feet up and truly enjoy the remainder of my pregnancy. I feel like a big weight has lifted off my shoulders. This feels WAY better than when school ended. Of course, no comparison.

I took the boards Friday afternoon. I was nervous not only because of my idea that I had not prepared nearly well, and also because I was 36 weeks pregnant and my back was hurting, bladder the size of a walnut or smaller and I thought I could not focus.

But it went fine. The minimum questions one would get asked is 75 and max is 265. The trend has been that if the computer shuts you off at 75 then you either did fine and passed or did awful and failed. I did get shut off at 75 and I walked out of there not feeling very confident. I paid 8 bucks to find out my unofficial official results yesterday afternoon and felt unsure at first on how to react when I saw the big ‘PASS’ next to my results. I told my husband and he was like, well, did you doubt it. I guess not but there is always a part of me which never lets me get too complacent. You never know!

We then spent the rest of the afternoon yesterday taking maternity pictures in our neighborhood. I had wanted a shoot but I just felt I could not justify spending $150 plus on those pictures. Our pictures actually turned out so so good! I was very content. The weather besides being a bit windy, co-operated with us for the most. Then I watched the Golden Globes in the evening and made myself a delicious and simple Indian dinner. Boy, I love Ricky Gervais. He is funny, witty and a huge animal lover. Frankly, that last bit seals the deal in a major way.

So, we did not do our weekly bump shoot but we did a bigger shoot, so just using that as our 36th week bump-date.


Baby is the size of the head of romaine lettuce. I weighed in at 142.8 lbs today. BP still under control. 1 cm dilated and baby is head down. There!


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