Let’s dance

Now that my pregnancy is almost, almost drawing to a close, I thought about writing a blog rounding it up and sharing some things/moments/suggestions/things I could change if I could go back kinda blog.

But its funny that the day I decided I wanted to write something like this is the day that started off with a bit of a scare if you will. So, I had my first internal exam done yesterday. the OB told me after such an exam a bit of ‘spotting‘ is expected and nothing to get worried about. I had also read about it. I checked all through yesterday after using the restroom and never noticed any spotting. I guess over-night I might have but I was too sleepy and tired to check after peeing. This morning when I used the restroom for the first time I was petrified to find a moderate amount of dark red blood on my liner. I suddenly also started thinking baby is not moving as much. You know how your scumbag brain wants to now connect all the dots and make it seem like both the events are connected. I quickly called my OB’s office, left a message, then popped by a baby forum, asked my question, called a friend and SIL- basically had a minor freak out moment. I gulped a lot of cold orange juice, laid on my left side and gently poked the baby. All along the baby was moving but very subtly compared to his normal rambunctious movements. The triage nurse called back, told me dark red blood was okay, to do my kick count and call them back if I still did not feel baby moving.

Things are fine now. Baby is moving. Spotting has reduced considerably. I feel relieved. I decided to keep myself busy today by cleaning, organizing and starting a hospital bag for us.

I kept all bath essentials in a little plastic container/organizer and slid it under the sink. I cleaned the dust off our tables, threw away old bills and useless mail I had saved, went to TJ Max and purchased another basket for keeping toys. It has a cute giraffe print on it and is neutral, so may be if we have a girl the next time, which is a big if, we can still use it. I got little travel sized items to pack in my hospital bag. Somehow the idea of packing those items motivated me. I have been looking up youtube videos and pinterest pins on what all to pack. I am sure I will never be fully prepared and fully packed, but I want to try atleast.

I will write that pregnancy blog later. Right now I kind of just want to sit back and relax while the cat acts like he has just seen a ghost and jumps about from one couch to the other.


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