My top nail polishes of 2015

I love these kinda fun, cheery, breezy posts. I have been obsessively watching all my favorite youtubers fav beauty products and nail-polishes of 2015 videos. They give me joy!

I did one last year. Will link it here. Again, these are NOT polishes that were released last year. Just polishes I purchased last year or polishes I re-discovered in my stash last year and used and loved a lot. So, there might be repeats.

This is my most loved polishes of the year past.


I did not buy as many or spend too much time painting and doing nail-art as I did in 2014. I think most of last year I was pregnant and just plain tired. And then when I did have some energy back, I painted some but school and the growing fetus sucked out the rest of the energy I had.

I have included pictures of most of them that I uploaded on my IG to show you better close-ups.

This is China Glaze’s ‘Harvest Moon’ from the Hunger Games collection that came out in 2012. It reminds me of a freshly minted penny. I love the bronze-yness!


Next, this is Pure Ice ‘Happy Hour’. Love this peachy beauty, apt for spring and summer.

IMG_20150409_144038 (1).jpg

This is a beautiful topper (in my opinion) from Pure Ice called ‘Popping Bottles’. It just transforms any color into a beautiful, shimmery, golden heaven. I love this!

Here is it over Zoya’s ‘Monica’,

IMG_20151002_162223.jpgThis beautiful sea green-blue soothing color is OPI’s ‘My dogsled is a hybrid’ from their Fall 2014 Nordic collection. It is a very gentle, calming color.


The next 3 are Essies and I unfortunately do not have their swatches saved for some inexplicable reason, but you can look them up. They are quite popular. ‘Cute as a button’- beautiful watermelon color, ‘Merino Cool’- cool, taupey dusty purple and ideal for work or interviews I think, and ‘Play-date’- a cool lavender and my happy color. I wore them a lot over Spring and summer and loved the heck outta them.

The next is China Glaze’s ‘Ray-diant’. Ugh, this is just heartbreaking gorgeous. Nail porn. Yep. That is what it is. Completely fine-milled glitter, opaque in 2 coats at the most.


One of the last ones that I have a swatch of is Wet n Wild’s ‘ Reject the mainstream’ from their Spring 2015 Silver Lake collection. A beautiful light purple. Absolutely loved this!


I wish I had swatches for all. But womp womp! I had a big case of pregnancy brain most of last year. I hope you liked them. And as we speak, I have Zoya ‘Hunter’ on my nails- a true Hunter green as the name says. What about on your nails?



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