Is this the real life..

Here it is. Those two dreaded words, ‘wintry mix’. A ‘good’ one is heading our way Friday it seems. Although I must make a digital note that we had some good flurries this past Sunday, the 17th of Jan, but nothing stuck to the ground. It was beautiful to watch them fall though from the comfiness of our warm home.

Speaking of warm home, our house is literally divided into a upper super warm half and a lower very cold half. Besides, it being a ground and first floor kinda layout, the weird heating system has made it a completely different game. We were so hot yesterday night that I turned on the fan on medium and we kept kicking off our sheets overnight. But when I came downstairs wearing my flimsy night shirt and just my granny panties, I was very shocked by how freezing it was. I had to bundle up in two blankets. Then, I went up and sweated up a storm. Anyway!

I had my 37th week check-up today. Nothing much going on. My OB is happy with whatever is going on for now and basically just said from here on out it is a waiting game. We did have an eventful evening yesterday evening. Sex at 37 weeks can make you bleed and I knew it but it also caused me to start losing part of my mucus plug. I also confused something to be my water breaking. I ended up calling the after hours service, but the doctor on call told me it was probably not my water breaking if I only soaked one small little liner. It had to be more of a maxi-pad soaker kinda deal. So, we just stayed put at home and kept an eye out.

I have not been sleeping well at night at all. I just cannot sleep, cannot get comfortable and then I sleep very less, so I take a long nap in the afternoons and that does not help at all! But I cannot help it. I need my rest, whenever I can take it for now.

I finally ordered a good diaper bag yesterday after debating about it for a long, LONG time. I hate dropping 60-70 bucks on a bag. A freaking bag! My Indian frugality kicks in. But of course, the ever generous husband decided it was good investment and so, I ordered a JJ Cole diaper bag. I had liked this from the get go but kept removing it/adding it back to our registry. I am excited about it now though!

I am so heavily into some make-up lovin these days, it is quite the obsession. I watch many beauty videos and they really do make me happy. I will do a favorite products blog soon but for now I wanted to share with you this NYX eyebrow pencil gem I took a chance on. I am loving it! I actually bought the ABH brow whiz but returned it ! So, yeah!




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