shiny things

8 days to official due date. But I do not think my body is getting the hint. It is just chilling.

Anyway, relax readers, this is no baby post. I need a beauty break. I have decided to post about beautiful and shiny material things only in this post. Why? Because they make me happy. I love beautiful, shiny things. If you tell me that it is weird that you do not sit and stare at your make-up bag at least once a day, then I might have issues being friends with you.

That shit can cheer me up anytime. Might sound sad and shallow, but hey, you do what you do to lift your spirits. Okay? Okay!

I had placed a Zoya order about 3 weeks back when they were having an amazing promotion. 4 polishes for $15 and free shipping and handling. Now, one Zoya costs $9, so this was an amazing deal. Plus, I had that awesome graduation gift mullah just sitting there and teasing me. I do not have THAT strong of a will-power now. Common! After almost being lost in the recent snow blizzard of the East coast, I finally got my beauties yesterday. They look even more beautiful in person than on the website.

L to R- Tru, Cecilia, India, Carey

Totally happy with my order. I just painted my nails with ‘Carey’ and I LOVE it! It is the kind of color I had been hunting for for a while now. Dusty purplish grey. Looks classy and catchy.

I also have been heavily obsessed with makeup lately. I go through phases. Sometimes I am more about clothes, fashion, sometimes more about nail polishes. Right now am having a major moment with make-up. I watch lots of videos and tutorials and I personally feel my make-up game has come a LONG way! Like, I cannot even!

I have a slew of makeup beauties lined up for you but since I (still) want to dedicate a post to 2015 beauty favorites, I want to take this post to talk about 2 products I started using just recently. Like a week back.

These are the NYX Wonder pencil and Sonia Kashuk’s creme bronzer in ‘rich bronze’.


I really like the wonder pencil. It has multiple uses- I use it right under my brow arch to make that arch stand out a bit more, as an inner corner matte highlight, to line my lower lashline and to even highlight my cupid’s bow. It goes on smoothly and blends easily. And, and it is under $5! (plus, bonus, it is cruelty free!).

I am a big fan of cream products. I do not even know if they work on my kind of skin at times but I like playing with their texture a lot. I had been eyeing this bronzer for a long time. Now, everyone and their mom can agree that 2015 was the year of contouring, strobing, baking, highlighting and liquid lipsticks. Right?

So, naturally I wanted some part of it. Now, I do not go into maniac like levels of contouring and highlighting like some beauty gurus do but I do like a lightly chiseled face and a glowy skin. The other problem with my skin-tone is all the bronzers marked for contouring are either my skin-color or a tad lighter. Almost, like a powder for me. But this creme bronzer is actually darker than my skin-tone, so I figured this must work as a contour product on me and also an all-over face warmer if I so chose.


It has a cream to powder finish. My first impression is that it is nice, easily blendable, and gives a subtle contour. I use the Real Techniques contour brush to apply it.

Real Techniques Sculpting brush and Eco Tools Fan brush

I do feel I have to go over my face twice, since it blends out to almost my skin tone. But I am still playing with it and the final jury is still out on this one. If this does not work out for me, I will be eyeing the NYX cream bronzer/highlighter/illuminator palette, which is new and retails for $14.99 at Ulta or the ELF cream bronzer palette which retails for $6. So, let’s see.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post. Now, am going to moan my way to the bathroom for what I can only think is the 100th time I have needed to pee.



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