still here, still knocked up!

Besides the title giving it away, I am here to tell you I am still very much pregnant. How naive I was to think my body would start churning out contraction after contraction as soon as I would hit my 38th-39th week, like clockwork, we would have clear-cut signs, my water would break-preferably when am conveniently over the toilet so I would not have to clean up, my husband would be around, bags packed, pets waving us bye from the window, labor would progress like textbook, 2 pushes and he would be out, everyone would give me a standing ovation and we would be singing our way home like in a cheesy commercial.

Ha! I chuckle at my naive self.

Okay, well, I am not past my due date or like 41 weeks pregnant, so may be I am just getting impatient. But I just feel like my body is not doing much at this point. Just the highly annoying practice BHC. These are not the real deal. I am either having painful contractions and just have a very high pain tolerance (which I doubt btw) or I am having zilch.

Okay, no more pregnancy talk.

The weekend was good. Lazy, warm and good. My husband baked me some cookies, after I whined a bit of course. Just happy he gave in and did it. We went on a long walk. We watched ‘The Martian’. It was eh! Not bad, not great. We are doing our annual Oscar nominated movie watching ritual. Next, I want to watch ‘Room’.

I think am going to have some lunch, may be do a quick target run, go on a walk and watch some more ‘Frasier’. I also kinda started a new book my SIL gifted me a while back, ‘Prep’. But for some reason, I cannot read a book now. It has been so long since I read a book last and I still feel like I need to not read a book since school ‘just’ ended. Sad, right?

Today I have Zoya’s ‘tru’ on my nails. And I love it.



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