My Labor and Delivery Story-part 1


Wow! Since my last update a lot has changed in my life. I am now a mother. A MOM!! My baby bird is here and he arrived on his due date and took me entirely by surprise considering I had like not much going on symptoms wise.

Well, if you know me, you know I MUST write about the most intense experience of my life. I need to save it for years down the line to re-live it again and again.

I remember I had my 39th week appointment on Tuesday, Feb 2nd and I was 70% effaced but only 2 cm dilated. So, really not anymore than my last check 2 weeks back. I had had high hopes about that appointment, hoping the doctor could almost feel his head and send me straight over to L&D. I had my hospital bag packed and ready in the car for just in case. But all she said was to make an appointment for my 40th week and if I went past my due date only then we would ‘discuss’ a plan to induce. But she also reassured me that most women did deliver before that 1 week past their due date thing, seeing how uncomfortable I was feeling at that point. So, I was upset. Yes.
I came home and decided to do things to distract me from the pregnancy and the very obvious bump sitting in my way. I took our dog out on a long walk to try to stimulate something. I cleaned the house, made dinner, watched ‘Frasier‘ and just kind of pretended to not be thinking about this all this while. The only thing going on was the BHC and lots of them. But those contractions were really nothing. They do nothing to progress labor except prepare your uterus, sort of like a practice, for the real show. The same thing happened on Feb 3rd but I was not feeling as bummed out as the day before. I was still having trouble sleeping all this time and had no real schedule. Just sleep wherever and whenever. I was up past midnight on the night of the 3rd and started suddenly cramping. Like, a very intense menstrual cramp. I perked up a bit because this was different. Unlike BHC where the upper part of my abdomen tightened up and was merely uncomfortable, this was in the lower part of my tummy and actually hurt a bit. But I only had like 2 in a period of 3-4 hrs. So, I once again forgot about it and finally found myself getting sleepy. I crawled into bed next to my husband and told him that I was cramping a bit and that this time they felt different. He kinda asked me half asleep to time them and I was like they are not timeable yet. Towards early, early morning Feb 4th, they picked up pace again and were a bit more closer to each other. And boy did they HURT! It was an intense menstrual cramp and at its peak it felt like someone was trying to rip out the innards of my stomach. They were erratic still but getting slightly closer together. I started timing them. Starting out from like 10 mins, 7, 9,8,6 mins-just all over. My husband left for work but asked me to update him every hour. I was hurting and exhausted from not having slept the night before, which made it worse. I decided to walk the dog, shower and be prepared just in case. Real labor contractions should subside if one walks or does some activity, but these did not. So that was another tell-tale sign that probably I was in early labor. Around 11-11:30, I decided that that was it, I called my husband at work and told him I am hurting a lot. He asked me to call my OB and said he was leaving work as well to take me to them. I had like some strong ones while I was on the phone with the triage nurse from my OB’s office and she asked me to come on over for a check. By then my contractions were getting closer and stronger. I started having them almost every 5 mins apart during the drive to the office, walking up the stairs and even in the lobby. They did a quick check and I was just only effing 3 cm dilated !! I wanted to cry at that point. The OB said that generally they did not admit until one was 4 cm or more dilated, so she asked us to stay in the area and take a walk, try to time them and see if they got even closer together and to call her if they did.

I was again upset. I guess a part of me was tired of the pain and also excited to just go ahead and deliver him, so I could meet my baby. It was such a mix of emotions. It is hazy and yet still so fresh in my mind. So, anyway, we decided to go to the art museum which was close to the hospital fortunately and walk around. I was in such intense pain that I had to stop and breathe every 3-4 mins from the contractions. All that I had learned about breathing through them went flying out the window. My husband was trying his best to remind me of them but that was only making me more angry. And you really will get annoyed at people cause you just want to scream and cope with the pain that way.

After 20 minutes of ‘walking‘ in the museum, we decided I was definitely in pain and I could not take it any longer. So, we headed straight to L&D and notified our OB of it.

I will continue on part 2 when I have a chance again. This past week with my baby bird has been a blur. Time has been scarce and sleep is a luxury. But when I look at this little innocent boy’s face, it just somehow makes it all worth it.


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