I have to say, being a parent is a tough job. The toughest I have ever embarked on and it has only been a little over 2  weeks! Every day that I keep my little baby bird alive is honestly a winner in my book. Parents are my new heroes. Single moms and dads are in an altogether different higher category, something I will only hope I watch from a distance and admire but never find myself in.

Here is a little snapshot of my days now and that too with help from my husband and parents.

Let’s face it. I am now a SAHM. Atleast for sure until mid-April. After that, things are still up in the air. So, my routine now is that of a SAHM and a new mom.

On a ‘good’ day, baby boy wakes up around 7-8 for his feeding, then he invariably poops while eating which entails a diaper change or two, depending on whether he decides to grace you with his sudden wish to relieve himself mid-diaper change. You try ducking for cover but it is too late to save yourself. So, you try your best to take the new diaper and cover his wee wee and contain the pee stream. At this point, you have sacrificed so many new diapers that it does not even bother you. Or it does but you have grown numb to that. Some days my little boy decides a clean fresh diaper is THE place to poop in. So, that means another diaper change 5 minutes after this one and another meltdown. Who likes to be naked and cold? I certainly would hate it. He sometimes works with us and sometimes makes it the world’s most difficult task. But he is only 2 freaking weeks old?!? How is he able to bring down 4 grown adults? hmmm! And may I add, he is a proud and rambunctious tooter. It is adorable. A little goes in his tummy, a little comes out the other end. As simple and unsophisticated as that.

So, after what seems like 2 hours doing the feeding, burping, diaper changing and meltdowns, we finally reach a happy compromise. He is quiet for a bit. So, we hurry and do some grown-up stuff- brushing teeth, changing clothes will be some other time, eating a bite, gulping down some coffee or tea, reflecting on the big change in your life and how things were, running a load of his laundry, and other adult stuff. Then, little bird wakes up for round 2 of all this. Feedings have been coming quicker now because he is going through a growth spurt. Growing up is hard work.

And in between all this, you can’t help but admire how freaking beautiful and cute your child is. Cause he truly, truly is. And while some moments you are about to lose it, some others when you feel more in control, you truly feel very much in love with his little face.

Motherhood, parenthood is hard work. I will not sit here and lie. I also will be honest, not everybody just takes to it effortlessly. I do not think I did. I am learning every single day and still winging it really. God save me and my child.



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