Here we go..adulting yet again!

Happy start of a new week to us adults.

Day started at 6:30 to feed the baby bird, which is a bit later than his normal second feeding of the night. He slept longer between feedings which helped me sleep better. Then I had to drop the husband off at work because we are down to one car now. My car broke down yesterday while we were out running errands. Just so abruptly. It bummed me out a lot because we had just installed a new battery, got it inspected and everything. Anyway, we had it towed to the car repair shop and since they were closed yesterday, we could not do anything about it. Not sure that today they will be able to fix it either. I think the earliest might be tomorrow evening or Wednesday. I guess in the big picture sense it is not the worst thing to happen but it sure is inconvenient.

I was hoping to sleep for an hour before I drove to my future employer to do employment paperwork.But now am wide awake and there is not enough time to sleep for a decent time and not wake up all disoriented. So, I decided to just forego sleeping for now. Had tea, played with the BB for a bit, then put him down for another short nap. He must have been tired, he went down easy. I love him just so much! I know it sounds weird when I, a mother, exclaims in surprise that I never thought I would love bonding with my own flesh and blood so much. But it is a bit surprising to me. I have never been overly fond of babies, kids I guess. I mean, I have but in the normal self-absorbed adult proportions. I just never wanted anything to take much away from MY adult life. I might sound selfish but I know I am not alone in admitting that I liked my life just fine before. But I find in me a welcome change. I find myself looking forward to things now which are all centered around my BB, and his milestones. Like, his first time holding his head up, sitting, standing, his first holidays and it fills me with so much excitement and joy. I consciously want to spend time with him and not be on the phone while he is playing around me. I want to be involved with him and interact with him. I think I will cry when he calls me mama.

Well…I must go and get ready. Monday has never been that kind to us adults. Well, no day of the week has been for that matter but I guess it is not that shabby either.


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