My two measly cents

So, I have been a parent for a little over 2 months which by the way is still surreal. I was thinking about what would I tell another expectant mom/parent if they ever asked me to reveal some parenting hacks. Not that we both are experts by any means but we are more knowledgeable than we were 2 months back and that does feel like an accomplishment of sorts. And also, another disclaimer since these days everybody is quick to jump at hastily formed opinions on anything, this is just MY opinion. No one else was involved in the writing of this post. Pinky swear!

Having a baby WILL change things. How one reacts to it will of course be very different and subjective but please do not sit there in your smug-perfect-mom mask and deny this. And particularly as a woman, you will feel like your hormones and emotions are off-kilter the first few days/weeks and even months. So, if you feel this way, please know that it is very normal and you will get through this, even if it means asking for help. And help could also mean some medicinal help. It is A-okay.

Disclaimer: Breast milk is the best kind of food for your baby. That being said, if one is under a lot of stress while BFing, that also is not ideal for mom’s health and for mom-baby bonding.

Breastfeeding is not as easy and natural as every one makes it out to be. And when you BF you will never be able to do anything or go anywhere that requires you to be absent for more than 2 hrs.( Not that is any reason to not, but I felt like I somehow did not realize that.)

If I could do this part again, I would only buy very few newborn clothes and buy more from the 0-3 month age range. They do grow fast and it would be a terrible waste of money. Also, go to consignment sales and graciously accept hand me downs.

Speaking of clothes, invest in a bunch of zippered or bottoned sleepers. They are easiest to unsnap and get to the diapered area. And believe me, you will be going to that area a lot.

You will need an unbelievable number of diapers. We had a ton of diapers and I thought we were set. I think we went through our stash in the first 2 weeks. And I wanted to cloth diaper (My God!!). So, unless you love doing loads of laundry, cleaning, folding reusable pieces of clothes, just stick to disposable diapers for the first few months.

Invest in some sleep sacks. We use the Halo ones and our baby sleeps well all swaddled up in them. I still do not get the hype surrounding the Aiden and Anais swaddle clothes because we did not like them. Ask for them in your registry if you must.

And very important, always ensure there is some sort of adult beverage around for mom and dad. It is essential my friend.

But hey! let the tone of my blog not lead you on to think this is all hard-work and no reward. When your child smiles back at you and notices you, that is truly one of the best things to ever happen to you as a parent. And boy will you love your child or what!



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