On the brink of a brand new day

The big day is here. I am finally going to start my career as a registered nurse at a great hospital tomorrow. I have been waiting for this day for a long time. It took me 4and a 1/2, almost 5 years, from the time I decided enough was enough and embarked on a completely uncharted territory. I went from being a software engineer (and I laugh at myself even when I say that in my head!) to wanting to pursue what I had an interest in- the medical field, the human body. I knew it was going to be quite a while before I could result in anything in this field and from where I stood things seemed too formidable to be achievable. And it was just not that. There were financial struggles, mental breakdowns and fighting for the initial parental approval. But we kept going.

All of that seems like a long time ago and yet just like it was yesterday. I have attained a comfortable distance between the initial struggle and today’s reality. And I have grown to appreciate EVERYONE’S struggle so much better now. Everyone I know is working hard and juggling many, many responsibilities. And I am really proud of myself and my husband. He has been THE biggest support all along. My parents later jumped in and helped me tremendously, both emotionally and financially. In fact just recently, my father told me he was proud that I pursued my calling and it did not matter whether the world saw it as a lucrative job or not, he was happy I had found what I would be good at.

I am notorious for not being able to write just a one or two line sentence saying ” Folks, I start my job tomorrow!”. Just ain’t me. So, am sorry for the long, emotional monologue (really). I am happy and excited for my career to start. I will start on a cardiac floor and I am exactly where I wanted to be. I do not say this often but thank you Gods of the Universe. Just thank you!


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