tiny dancer

I am basically out of witty blog title ideas, so am instead going to name them after the songs that are currently in my head for some reason or after songs that I like.

Now that we have that house-keeping stuff out of the way, let’s talk. Today is a big day in our household- my son is starting daycare. I just sighed. He is starting on his journey towards social interactions, learning to be friends with other babies, and eventually growing into his own version of a little person. I am handling it a lot better than I thought. I am not a weepy mess. I honestly was excited about him starting daycare. Think of all the learning opportunities, the fun he will have doing activities, learning social skills, playing with other babies! Yes, I feel a little ‘something’ in my heart because he is by himself now but the daycare has a live camera streaming into the infant room and I am pretty much watching it as I type. I am assured that I can always watch him when I want.

We had a very tiring week last week. We had a friend watch over Oliver for a few days before his daycare began and I cannot thank her enough for being such an awesome auntie. Seriously! My husband would wake up early and drive out 30 minutes to drop him and I would go to pick him up after my shift got over. So, it was tiring that way but I am quite impressed with our handling of it. No one was angry at each other cause of the stress and we had a great teamwork thing going on. I am talking about it because in my head that last week seemed like a much more formidable stressor than it really was. I was nervous about it. But now it is done and dealt with.

I had a terrific first mother’s day. I was happy and content. I could have purred if I was able to. I slept in a bit, got coffee in bed, actually dressed up for brunch with my two boys, went target hopping with them and got some sweet gifts from the husband. I feel spoiled. Do I sound real smug right now? Well, it is okay to sound happy and out loud at times!

I am loving my new job! I love my preceptors and my floor. I am learning so much every single day. I started taking on more responsibilities each day and I feel more and more independent. I will have a full 8 days off after this week’s shifts are over. How awesome is that ?!?

Joyous Monday ya’ll.




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