Sweet Jesus…I have arrived!

I got my first adult paycheck this past week.

Not loan money. No mom dad helping money. This is MY hard-earned nursey money. I am sorry if this sounds childish to you folks who are reading this post for the first time or who despite having known a bit of history behind the writer of these posts still judge me, I do not care. I have waited, patiently and impatiently, for this day and I am mighty happy.

This past week also marked my first patient coding on me. I was very shaken by that. I cannot go into details but besides sort of taking me by surprise, it also taught me I have a LONG way to go in terms of how to act and react in such situations. I mean mostly as a prudent nurse. I was very lost. I was not expected to know much about code protocol on the floor at my point of orientation but I still felt clueless. Lesson learnt- I am paying extra extra attention in first learning how to be a good nurse with trained eyes and ears. And a day in the life of a health-care worker is so unpredictable. I was half-way through my day thinking man, I am all caught up with charting, passing meds, doing other stuff and it is only 2’0 clock. Surely I can eat lunch now! Nope. That is when everything went haywire and all I could think about was darn, it is almost 2’0’clock, I need to do so much before 7pm.

Just like that!

Anyway. The baby bird woke up this morning with a stuffy nose but he was still his smiley self. My husband calls him senor smiles. He is such a sweet, happy guy. We got lucky. I have the next 4 days off. I might get a haircut and might go to the mall to do some berfday shopping for me. Or I might just stay at home and clean. I got lots to clean. Sigh!



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