We could have had it all..

I am tired and I am starting to feel a bit sickly. Nothing major just my throat feels a bit scratchy and my eyes feel heavy. I hope this passes. I just cannot afford to be sick. But the real thing is now I am realizing parents do not get a break from parenting even when not feeling their greatest. I love having BB home with me today because yesterday I felt guilty about sending him to daycare even though I was off. I just want to rest, lay on the couch and watch ‘The Office’. I am sorry if I am sounding whiny and ungrateful, I just feel unwell now and my mind is all over the place.

I put him down for a nap. He is not a napper really, so it might not last long but I am taking this opportunity to drink some ginger tea and blog. I could sleep but really just because everyone told you to sleep when baby sleeps, you cannot just make yourself sleep. I am not sleepy. Just tired.


I treated myself to a little birthday gift from sephora. It is a fragrance sampler and contains 7 samples. I have not tried them all but I can tell you I do NOT like the Atelier Cologne in ‘Orange Sanguine’. It is just not me. And I was really excited to try the Elizabeth and James ‘Nirvana’ in white but it is also quite meh. The one I like is Marc Jacobs ‘mod noir’. Oh and you can get one full-size roller ball of the fragrance of your choice (from this box) when you present this at sephora. And I think I might just get the Marc Jacobs one. BTW, that BI gift is pretty amazing. Like, they did not include a shitty lipstick color cause it is free and a tiny sample. It is actually a pretty pink in ‘kiss kiss bang bang’.

So, again, here is my PSA- go get your birthday gift May folks!!


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