Monday morning mood

good Morning!

woke up at 6:30. Rather got woken up by a crying angel. Fed said angel.Tried without success to put him back to sleep again. It kinda sorta worked. Did not last long but at this point even 10 minutes of sleep feels like a feat. Have only had one cup of coffee so far. Going to go for my second cup soon. Dog has been walked. Laundry is already running. Baby angel is playing in his activity gym and cooing away. Love hearing him babble and coo. He has recently discovered his toes and now he just wants to hold them all the time and guys, I did not think I would say it but it is a very cute sight.

He has his 4th month check up later in the afternoon today. So, we will just hang out in the house till then. The whole house was vacuumed by the husband yesterday and I feel like my soul has been cleaned. I was beginning to feel unclean, just walking on the carpet and I also was too tired to vacuum when I did have 5 minutes to myself. I feel like we had a great weekend. Got stuff done and spent a lot of time with each other. I even dragged my boys to the sephora to spend the last of my birthday money. While the sephora trip was great, I felt so uneasy in the mall. Everytime I visit the mall, which is very rare these days, I get the sense that I am just not comfortable. Crowds make me a tinsy bit anxious. I think I might just have to completely resort to online shopping.

Nevertheless, the weekend was good. Today my plan is to fold laundry, get groceries for grilling later tonight, do everything possible to stay up so I can sleep tomorrow during the day time for my night shift, and also de-clutter my makeup.



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