Trying to squeeze in a quick blogpost while baby is taking an unexpected long nap.

I only have one day off between my shifts last week and this week. I worked this past weekend. It was my last 3 days of orientation. I am nervous guys! Nursing is such a stressful profession. Yes, there are good days, easy shifts but ‘easy’ is a relative word. ‘Easy’ really means less bat shit crazy days. The first 2 days of my 3 were extremely overwhelming. I was this close to crying/giving up. I know, I know I knew all this before I got into this field and I am not going to quit of course. But I was extremely flustered.

I decided to try harder yesterday and it went a lot better. I know it is a learning process and especially being a new grad, things will take time to fall into place. I go back tomorrow night and the next two. Night shifts are less chaotic but rough on my body.

Life is otherwise fine around here. We have begun the house hunting process but it is not really going anywhere because we have so much limited time to actually go see houses together. And the houses that I seem to love are above our price point. We want to live in this neighborhood which would cut our commute by half. But that is apparently the Beverly Hills of my city, everyone wants to move there. Hmmph!

I decided to buy me this beautiful maxi dress from groopdealz. I just woke up with an urge to spend on something frivolous and I can right now, so I did. I am pretty good about not caving in all the time, but sometimes I just have to. I think boho chic is really my style. I like loose, flowy dresses. Just so feminine.


We are working on a little beach getaway with 3 other couples in August. I am very excited about it. I am more excited about Oliver’s reaction to water and all that. I am also thinking of enrolling him in some baby swim classes. I think I will start making some baby food at home. I do not know how diligent I will be about sticking to him eating only pure, organic, schmorganic home-made stuff, but I will give it a go.





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