a strangely isolated place

Hey world! What the fuck is going on?!? What is wrong with us people? I am terrified of reading the news-racism, bombings, killings, retaliatory attacks, animal abuse, child trafficking! Just. What. The.Fuck.

I am scared of the world I brought my child into.

A part of me is slowly getting desensitized to the bloodshed happening in the world, which is an equally scary thing. That just shows how used we have become to this and how some of this is ‘acceptable’. And my goodness, everyone has strong opinions. Which is fair enough. I have one too and am exercising that option now. But with everyone talking, over each other, I feel the real voices, the sad cries of loved ones mourning the loss of their son/daughter/brother/sister/parent are being lost.

I am not a very strongly opinionated person and it kind of bothers me. I feel easily lost and over-looked because I do not TALK. ALL CAPS. You know! It is not about me. I do not even know what the whole point of this is. I am just upset over stuff happening around us.

And what the fuck America?!? Trump and Hillary Clinton?!? Did you just give up? This July marks 9 years of me living here in this country and am slowly getting disillusioned. It is complicated. I cannot write my real emotions on this matter whilst juggling a baby, but I will someday because there is a lot on my mind.

I am taking a little break from facebook and all its shenanigans. Just tired of the things we all do- people stuff. Instagram is my safe spot now. And it is a lot about my sweet little boy. He is precious.

We took a little nap together. By together I mean his butt was in my face but I still cherished it. We do not co-sleep <severe eye rolling at all these crunchy, hippy jargons> but I snag him for a little nap session every now and then.

That is all from this tired mama pigeon.



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