I had a decent 4 day mini-stretch between my shifts last week and my upcoming 3s starting tomorrow night. I had a fun day at home with my baby, we spent our time playing, taking a little nap together, cooing away together, then we drove down to our in-laws for a night Saturday morning and returned home Sunday evening, I picked up some Indo-Chinese from an Indian restaurant because I wanted it and it was everything that I had hoped it would be plus more, my husband the true American stuck to his frozen pizza, then today we spent the day running errands. Boy, today was not nice for Oliver. He was far from the angel he normally is. I suspect the devil-teething. I cannot see anything or feel any bumps yet when I run my finger over his gums, but I think the very process takes time and hurts all along. He shrieked most of his drive, I had to pull over at a place to feed him, he polished off his bottle and I thought, well I can drive home now! But nope, he started shrieking again. So, I had to pull over again! He was quiet the moment I held him and gave me his precious little smile. He just wanted some hugs and to be held. Anyway, we were able to drive the rest of the 15 minutes home in peace. I gave him some tylenol once we got home and we napped together for about an hour. He was still mad when he woke up. I was just tired. Guys, parenting is a very tiring and tough job. If you are thinking of having a child, then think real hard. I love, LOVE my child but it is a very difficult job. Yes, there are plenty of rewards- like, the other day, my husband was trying to feed him but Oliver just kept gazing towards me and would stop eating if I left the room, he would look at me longingly as if he wanted me to pick him up and then I had to feed him and he was immediately so calm and happy. That, that feeling is priceless! When you interact with your baby and play with him and he giggles, that is the sweetest sound I swear. I truly am smitten by this little 15 lb angel.

My point is, if you are just married (or not) and want a child because the idea of a child is more appealing, think twice about it. Enjoy your own life before this big life change. That is all.

I have to add some many disclaimers these days, I suppose everyone has to because we are all just so volatile and fragile these days. Everything can be misinterpreted.

The husband made some very tasty dinner and let me read my magazine, sip my wine spritzer and sit out in the patio and soak in the pre-thunderstorm build-up.



I also made some amazing white bean dip to take to work as a snack and baked a chocolate chip banana bread. I felt like a domestic Goddess briefly.

Now, I am relaxing and enjoying my ‘me’ time. I love my me time. And today staying up late is actually justified. Cause I need to sleep most of the day tomorrow. What a happy inconvenience. I think I will watch something on netflix.

This feeling, right here, this is the collective sighs of all the tired muscles of my body finally getting a break.



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