Not like yellow the color, but ummm yello, like hello but with a zing.

I am feeling good right now. I do not know what it is. I took the dog out on a walk, saw some bluish grey clouds in the corner, saw the freshly mowed grass, took a new look at the same old backyard, the golf course, the same old stuff and felt good, inspired. Yes, am going to work tonight and the next 2 nights, yes, I will not be able to see my son and husband for the next 3 days but I will have a 8 day stretch after these 3 nights and I am employed, all my hard work has paid off, we are content- we do not have many things, but we have MANY blessings and that makes me grateful.

I do at times cave in to the superficial attractions and measures of a ‘successful’ life but deep down I do understand how the more intangible possessions are far more important. Good health being one of the biggest, love and belonging, the feeling of coming back home after a days work, to your family, the feeling of playing with your pets- just a happy, snug feeling.

I AM GETTING EMOTIONAL. SENTIMENTAL. SENTIMENTAL. < in a robotic voice, my wiring is stuck, reboot system pronto.>

Okay, anyway, am on my second cup of coffee. Will chow down something, then shower, stop or gas and be on my merry way to work.


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