the new ‘happy hour’

Thanks to night shifts, my body clock is a bit off. I keep waking up early, like 4:30-5 early even when the baby is not up yet. I do enjoy the fact that I can have a cup of hot coffee in peace, browse social media/blogs and just kinda be here by myself.

I have lately noticed in many posts/pictures posted by mothers about how they have to somehow explain the reason behind their perpetual tiredness, or their desire for some me time, or just wanting to not be a mother for a moment. I do it too. I feel guilty. It should not have to be explained to anyone that what we do is a tiring job. Rewarding, but tiring too. And wanting a wee bit of time for oneself is not selfish. It is actually a great thing one can do for oneself if one just stopped lying already.

So, yes, I am not going to add any more disclaimers. I like my alone time. I always have and that is about it.

(Anybody could easily sniff the mom guilt in me and my feeble attempts at fighting back.)

My stretch is swiftly getting over. I have not done much. Which is good though. No real complaints. It is way too hot to go out and accomplish this invisible self-pressured checklist.

After having sworn off all the subscription boxes out there, I caved in and decided to try out the Play box by Sephora. Got my first box yesterday. It was okay. Not great, not bad. I will give it a few more months.




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