Hello darkness, my old friend!

Today is my day off work and off baby duty. I need a day to myself so I can unwind and get the house somewhat clean before I go back to work. I had a 2 hour class, then I stopped by the World Market on my way home to pick up some things. I bought a wok. I know it is not a big deal, a fucking wok but to me it is. Here is why. I am 33 years old and I am a woman. I have always walked past beautiful ornate chinaware, home decor stuff, pretty little knick knacks and have never purchased anything. Forget the pretty little knick knacks, I have not even purchased a single piece of plate in my life. I can now and I will not feel bad about buying a wok. I cook a lot and I do not want to make something that should be made in a wok, in an old pan and pass it off as acceptable.

I feel good.

I am nursing a bit of a headache and a sore throat but I feel good.

And how have I not talked about this already?!? Today, the 27th of July, marks 9 years of living in the US. 9 years- lots of things have happened, some disillusionment has set in, some of the charm of the initial love affair might have rubbed off, a new kind of bond is forming with my adoptive country, but it is still a big deal to me because this is my single biggest adventure ever. I do not have very many adventures to claim, so I will play this till the end of time.

Also, had I not come here, I probably would not have had my darling little son in my life. And guys, I am sure I sound biased as hell, but that boy is CUTE! Like, amazingly cute.

Before I peace out, here is my first pair of shoes I purchased in umm, 4 years? Notice how I have to justify everything? Yeah, me too. I just need to slay that fucking guilt each time I spend something on myself. Anyway, they are from Francesca’s and I love the camel color and just the right amount of heel.



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