If you read my last post, you would have been a tad jealous of me enjoying my Monday off work and off baby-duty as you were feeling miserable at your own work places, may be even hated me a bit. Well, you will be happy to know that my day off was cut short quite abruptly when daycare called me saying my son was having the runs and needed to go home. Yep!

So, off I went to pick up my dear child who also has a horrible and vengeful diaper rash, took him to the pediatrician’s, stopped on the way home to pick up groceries, came home, took care of him and pretty much was on the go from there. Because he had to be sent home from daycare for diarrhea, he was not allowed to go back in yesterday either. That meant a early start to my day and a long, long day with my son. I loved having him with me because he is going through this ‘needs his mama or daddy’ phase, which makes me feel so loved and wanted, but it also means he is going through the ‘DEMANDS mama or daddy’ phase. He would shriek bloody murder the moment I left his sight. And his poor butt, it is so angry! We have been rubbing all sorts of pastes on it, letting it air-dry, giving him warm baths, ugh!

Anyway, he is at daycare today. I have my phone by me and I am nervously watching it. Really hoping not to get called by them, there is no reason they should but still. I will pick him late afternoon and go to a mommy meet up. I am looking forward to that.

Both husband and I feel crappy. Our throats hurt, our bodies ache, we are constantly tired! But we see our son’s little face and the smiles he has just for us, and I swear, some chemical reaction just goes off in our brains. It is sheer delight. He loves climbing us. He loves being held. He is pretty amazing.

Coming back to me, I have so far just been laying on the couch nursing my tired body. I decided to force myself to get up, make myself some breakfast, write this blog, make some baby food in a bit and just kind of do a few things around the house.

Sharing my 3 recent purchases below. I bought this plaid infinity blanket scarf and dear god is it soft and pretty or what?!? Cannot wait to wear it!

I had heard a lot about Colourpop cosmetics but had never tried anything from them. I finally decided to order just one lippi stick and try it out. And sweet Jesus! I fell in love right then and there. I might sound teenager-ish, but it is one of the best matte lipsticks ever! And this color is so pretty, shade is ‘back up’. I got so excited that I placed an order for some more things and they should be here soon.

I had been meaning to invest in a good foundation and such but I still did not feel comfortable shelling out a lot of money. I decided to try this BareMinerals complexion rescue balm after the sales associate recommended it. I kinda like it actually. It is light, it evens out my skin and does not feel like I am wearing foundation.





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