autumn-ness is upon us

This has got to be my most productive stretch so far. I have woken up at 5 every single day, done almost everything I wanted to, ran all the errands, cooked a lot and slept really, really well every single night. In 2 days, my stretch will be over and it will be back to work. But I do like my work as well, so I am not really sulking about going back to work. I plan on taking the kiddo to the library for story time, then go to the grocery store for dinner supplies, possibly make a halt at babies r us or some such store to buy him a halloween costume. Of course, we are those last minute parents and I absolutely hate it because this is something within our control and yet we did nothing about it. We had initially wanted him to be an astronaut but neither of us purchased the costume on time for it to ship here by Halloween day. So, that idea goes right out the window! We did not want him to be a generic cute animal or pea in a pod but it is okay. I am okay with buying a $30 costume for 10 minutes of his life, then hopefully re-sell it. May be next year I can finally use my ahem, creative, ahem skills.

Dam, having a baby has made me realize how uncreative of a person I am. And most of all, how bad I suck at making up songs. None of my made-up songs rhyme and I absolutely find myself grovelling for words, simple words, at that time. It is a good thing he does not care now. But I must up my cool quotient before he does start understanding me.

It is starting to be a bit chilly around here. It starts of cold in the mornings, then it warms up a bit but it is not hot anymore. I love this short and sweet spell before it is just bone-chilling cold.

I am missing my mother-in-law a lot. This holiday season will be very difficult for us all, esp my husband. It just won’t be the same.

Hope I can squeeze in another blog before my stretch ends.


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