holy friday-ness is upon us

Eeek! I am happy it is Friday. Friday just sounds like such a beautiful name, it always conjures beautiful, happy images in my mind. I wonder if Monday were Friday instead, if it would do the same. Is it mere association with the fact that the weekend is finally here that does that to our minds? I bet people who work weekends hate Fridays. I know they do but regardless, Friday is a beautiful sounding name.

I am feeling better today. I ended up calling out of work last night. I was not physically and mentally feeling it. I was not able to sleep one bit in preparation for my night shift and I had been missing my husband and son. So, win-win. I am going to make cookies after I finish up this blog, then take some for the daycare teachers and pick up my son. I needed a little bit of time to just clean out the house without a 9 month old following me everywhere. I do not mind the following but he gets into things like the dog food bowl, the cat food bowl, wires and sockets and I would not be able to accomplish anything if I kept an eye on him AND did stuff.

My November Sephora Play was just sitting outside our door yesterday evening. I had not even received a shipping conformation mail, so I was pleasantly surprised. It seems like a good box, am happy with everything except the perfume sample, yet again! These unconventional perfumes smell awful. I want to throw up a bit actually.

But other than that everything looks amazing!


We are going to take our son to see Santa this weekend and I am very stoked about it. I am glad I am getting to live some of these joys through my child. Whoever knew Halloween, Christmas was so much fun with a child!


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