Hey everyone!

I am trying to write this post quickly before the husband and son reach home. The son is pretty disgruntled when he gets home from daycare, probably does not enjoy being strapped in the car seat for so long and also, because he is hungry. We bribe him with a few puffs first to get him to settle down before we strap him in the high-hair, again, for dinner. Some days it is easy, but unfortunately most days it is not. He is crying, we are tired and then that is how I end up drinking. But he is a sweet baby. Happy, funny and so freaking adorable.

I got an unexpected day alone. I got put on call by work and I was so expecting a call to come in, but no, it did not happen. I am super stoked. I wish I did not spend the first half of the day being all anxious about getting that call though. But still, I got to spend it at home. Alone. That is the best part. I have had a congested head, scratchy throat and sniffly nose for a couple of days now and it was good to just be able to relax.


We put our Christmas tree up the other night. It looks beautiful. I even decorated for Christmas. Used my amateur skills. Going to try to attempt a DIY baby’s first Christmas ornament this weekend. Today was a pleasant day, not cold, just over-cast and slightly windy. One more day of work tomorrow and then I shall be off for a few days.

I also got my Sephora black Friday purchase, surprisingly quickly. Every year I treat myself to one $10 deal they come up with. This year I wanted to try these. They are good size samples for $10! I am very unhappy with my hair these days. It is dull and frizzy. I need this to work.


‘You are such a Budapest’ by OPI



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