I am alive.!!!!

Hi!<proceeds to shake off the cobwebs>

I am alive. I am very embarrassed that my last post was Nov.30th, 2016! That was last year! I am kinda sad that this blogging habit of mine slipped away in the midst of working, parenting, being an adult, being responsible for myself and the little toddler who now rules our world pretty much. I loved to write even if it was just a round up of my very uninteresting life. It made for some good reading and reminiscing. But the fact is, I do not have much time these days. And when I do occasionally find myself having some, I am too tired to mentally focus on writing. I cannot just sit down and write. I have to make it something worth my time.

I will try to be more regular but the reality is I will probably slack again. I just do not want to entirely give up on my blog. This is my corner of the interwebs and I am very protective about it.

A quick, quick round up of what all has happened in the last almost 6 months.

My baby turned 1. We had a nice little get together of some close friends for his birthday at a brewery and it was truly everything I had hoped for.

I completed a year at my job recently and I feel a tremendous sense of accomplishment.

The husband got promoted to a managerial position and is basically kicking some serious butt at work.

Our house hunting has not been going great. The market is terrible, we have a small-ish budget and we are picky- very bad combinations.

Its Spring time in my city and I am generally happier.

We just got back from a nice little much needed beach getaway. It was amazing. We rented a little cabin, not too close to the city but close enough to bike to the beach. I loved biking and I now want a bike.

I will soon be turning 34 and I am not making too huge of a deal about the number. Atleast not yet.

I am in a good mood today and that is huge in my books.

So, there!

Will be back with more soon.



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