Hey folks! This time the gap between blogging was 2 days short of a month. I win, I win!

My glorious 6 day break from work is over. Today is the last day. So, am trying to savor every bit of it. I spent most of my days off doing stuff, keeping myself busy and checking things off my list. We have a lot coming up. We will be moving soon. We will soon be first-time home owners. Eeek! I am so excited. We finally found a house after almost a year and 20 house showings! Still hoping no last minute stuff comes up in the last few weeks. Mortgage paperwork is a bitch. Plus, also have to take care of making sure we exit out of this rental without any problems. Trying my best to keep the house clean, declutter and donate and all that. I hate moving. But we cannot afford to use movers, plus really we can do it if we make a plan and do small stuff at a time. We will ask some friends to help.  We got this.

I am so excited. God! Pinning away all inspirations for how to decorate the cute wrap around front porch, the entry way, the kitchen and our outdoor patio.  I am in a different season of my life and I love it. I am also trying to do a lot of DIY stuff- DIY cleaners, little ‘hacks’ (gotta love that word), also wanting to start a herb garden and looking into indoor and outdoor plants. Can you tell I am ready for MY own place?

Will have to share pictures and pinspirations soon.

But that is all I can blog about now. I have the attention span of a 1 year old now. so, bye for now!


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